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If you wish to take part in the T-cell Project 2.0, please fill out the following form with all requested information.
This will notify the Trial Office your willing to participate in the study.
Your request will be processed at the Trial Office, that will return by email the confirmation your Institution has been listed among Participating Centers.
This is only to know which Institutions are actually interested in participation, it is not meant in any case you will be bound in any way to participate in the project.


Validation of your Institution will allow you to register afterwards as a new member of the project, so that to have the possibility to access the restricted area of the website where you will find all documentation needed for T-cell Project 2.0 submission to IRB/Ethic Committee, as well as the electronic CRFs for patients’ registration and data collection.

No registration as a new member will be validated without previous submission of the agreement form to the Trial Office

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